Fun facts about gambling

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Going into more detail, here are some of the most interesting phenomena that influence player behavior during a bet.

Good Mood: A recent study established that good mood leads to increased risk-taking.

Erroneous beliefs: the belief that after seven consecutive black numbers the eighth must, as a matter of probability, be red. In fact, the odds of black rolling again are the same as red.

Betting Expectations: In another recent study, horse racing punters were asked to estimate the odds of their horse winning, both before and after betting on that horse. It was found that, once their bets had been placed, players tended to believe that their horse was more likely to win than it was before placing the bet judi slot terbaik

Systems and superstitions: predicting the numbers, looking for “hot” slot machines to the detriment of “cold” ones, ritual behavior before each game, are all habits and strategies that in the minds of bettors would help them win by more.

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Casino men and women

Contrary to what one might believe, the percentage of men and women fans of the game is around 50/50. The difference is mainly in the type of games.

In fact, men are more inclined to entrust their bets to sports bets. For women, however, online bingo seems to maintain the primacy in the choice of online games for women. Sports betting follows, which in the last few years have gained a lot of women’s shares, up to online slots , popular with both sexes, albeit to a lesser extent than the first bets mentioned.

Among the differences there is also the ruthlessness. In fact, women could be judged more cautious than men when it comes to betting. In a recent survey, 75% of women said that in the event of a win of 500 euros they would withdraw the money and would not continue playing, unlike men who would only withdraw the sum in 61% of cases.

Age is another factor that puts the two sexes at odds. In fact, it seems that the average age at which women approach the game for the first time is around 35, 15 years more than the average male age.

As far as land-based casinos are concerned, women prefer slot machines while men play more games of skill. Personal preferences aside, a study stated that women prefer more private and secluded games, such as slots, as they are more subject to the anxiety of being seen as losers by other players. Men, on the other hand, seem to be more self-confident but at the same time more influenced by the illusion of control which leads them to sit at more poker tables than women.

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